Burnie Masonic Lodge Scholarship Awards

The Hilton Sharpe Burnie Masonic Memorial Scholarship which was established by the former Gill Memorial Lodge and named after a prominent freemason, Rt Wor Bro Hilton Sharpe.

The D.I. Bartley Burnie Masonic Memorial Scholarship, was established by the former Burnie Rechab Lodge from a suggestion by Bro D.I. Bartley who unfortunately died before its inception.

Both Scholarships commenced in 1991. The greater part of the initial funds came from bequests from the estates of the late Bros Ernest West and Roy Conroy.

Burnie Lodge presents two scholarships each year.  These are presented to students who reside and attend schools and colleges in the Burnie local area.

The winners of the D.I. Bartley award receive $300 and the Hilton Sharpe winners $3000.