The Burnie Masonic Lodge meets at the North West Masonic Centre, 108 Bird Street, Burnie.   For directions, View Map

Freemasonary for Interested Non-Masons

Freemasonry is a rewarding experience and membership is open to all men aged 18 years or over. It is one of the world's oldest and larget fraternal organisations. We  are an organisation of men who adopt the fundamentals principles of integrity, goodwill and charity as the foundations for an idividual's life and character. We a re a not for profit organisation that is heavily involved in supporting charity and community service. Like many membership organisations, there are certain prerequisites that potential members must satisfy when applying to be a Freemason.

To become a Freemason a person needs to:
  • Be a Man who is at least 18 years old
  • Be a Law abiding person
  • Have a belief in a Supreme Being
  • Have made his decision to join Freemasonry by his own free will and not for any personal gain or reasons of idle curiosity.

Freemasonary has a number of advantages, providing:

  • A code of conduct for living in today's society
  • An active social life for men and their families
  • Training in selfdevelopment, which includes public speaking, mentoring, tolerance, communication skills and self-confidence.

If you would like more information about joining the Tasmanian Freemasons or further information on anything concerning the Burnie Masonic Lodge or Freemasonary in general, please do not hesitate to contact our helpful Lodge Secretary: Gerry Gunton on email gerrygunton2@bigpond.com   or phone on: Ph.6435 1477

Notices and Events For March 2019

Tuesday 5th MarchBoard Of Management Meeting7.00pmBurnie Masonic Centre
Tuesday 5th MarchReherasal8.00pmBurnie Masonic Centre
Tuesday 12th March2nd Degree MEAP Session7.00pmBurnie Masonic Centre
Tuesday 19th MarchReherasal
Burnie Masonic Centre
Wednesday 20th MarchOffical Visit - Devonport7.30pmDevonport Lodge
Tuesday 26th MarchRegular Meeting7.20pmExchange Visit - 2nd Degree